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The very best in literature, learning and fun!

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Australia's longest running Children's Entertainment Company 

What we do:

  • We conduct a structured disco and karaoke party where the children get to be POP STARS.

  • The birthday child is the star of the show; and we make sure they feel extra special!

  • Entertainer will teach funky dance moves for the children to follow.

  • Children will sing on real microphones to their favourite songs they request.

  • A variety of team building party games will be played during the party and prizes will be awarded.

  • We will hand out cool prizes for the grooviest co dancers and games.

  • We will tailor the party to suit the age, gender and musical interest of the children.
    Enquiries: / 1300 13 03 13



Sing, dance, rap and rhyme, celebrate indigenous language and culture on this exciting adventure with the letters A, B & C! Join the fun in this richly interactive live show engaging preschoolers with language through song, dance puppetry and imagination. A playful approach to understanding that every letter is different, what those differences are and that difference is something to embrace. Young minds are introduced to a variety of Aboriginal words from a selection of different Indigenous languages connecting them to culture and land in an integrated way. The adventure continues long after the show, with children enjoying the provided learning materials of of activity sheets, a boomerang and clapping sticks as well as access to the original songs including the popular “On a Bush Tucker Hunt”. For more information and to book Contact Jo Bloom: 0416 635 880 /

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